Descendants of Henry de ERSKINE

20. Generation

142. John Francis ERSKINE Earl of Mar (7th) [image] (Frances ERSKINE , John , Charles , John , John , John , John , John , Robert , Alexander , Thomas , Robert , Thomas , Robert , William , John , John de , John , Henry de ) was born in 1741. He died on 20 Aug 1825.

17th Baron Garioch, 24th Earl of Mar, ancient earldom (Burke's), through his mother Lady Frances, as "grandson and lineal representative" of the attainted earl.
Restored to the honours, dignities and titles of Earl of Mar by Act of Parliament (1824).
Therefore called the "restored earl".

Had five daughters who died unmarried, and four sons.
The three younger children were born blind (see "doom of Mar").

Family portrait by David Allan displayed in Alloa Tower.
The picture also shows Alloa House before it burnt down in 1850.
Portrait by RAEBURN (painted after restoration to the titles) displayed in Alloa Tower

John married Frances FLOYER on 17 Mar 1770. Frances died on 20 Dec 1798.

daughter of his Excellency Charles Floyer, sometime Gov. of Madras.

John and Frances had the following children:

  148 F i Charlotte Frances ERSKINE was born circa 1771.
+ 149 M ii John Thomas ERSKINE Earl of Mar (8th) was born in 1772 and died on 20 Sep 1828.
  150 M iii Capt. James Floyer ERSKINE was born circa 1773. He died on 15 May 1798.

Capt. 26 th Cameronian Regt.
Married 12 Nov 1796, Susan, daughter of Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, of Hoddon.
  151 F iv Mary Anne ERSKINE was born circa 1774.
+ 152 M v Henry David ERSKINE was born on 10 May 1776 and died on 31 Dec 1846.
  153 F vi Charlotte ERSKINE was born circa 1780.
  154 F vii Jane ERSKINE was born circa 1781.
+ 155 M viii Rev. Thomas ERSKINE was born on 10 Jul 1785 and died on 1 Jan 1859.

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